Ep 257 - We Talk, You Listen

 In classic NSFWatercoolers fashion we only remembered that we didn't upload this when we recorded a new episode.  So guess what, I don't know what we talked about.  But boy did we talk about whatever that was and it was funny.... let me tell you, enjoy. Download

Ep 256 - The 256th One

 Join Jim, Matt, and Shannon way back in time before the election or the super spreader event known as Halloween.  It'll be like it's on a wax cylinder or something it's so out of date.  Enjoy: Download

Ep 255 - We Are Are We

 Join Jim, Matt, and Shannon as we delve deep into Matt's colon, and additionally as a change of pace there are amusing anecdotes as well.  Things go from the stink to the pink as we allow ourselves an extra libation during a rare weekend record.  So enjoy whatever is intelligible, most likely not much beyond the forty five minute point, in the newest episode of NSFWatercoolers. Download

Ep 254 - Loud Boys & Girl

 Join Jim, Matt, and Shannon, the titular (stifle giggles) Loud crew.  We espouse our feelings about who really built this country (chihuahua breeders) and beliefs about traditional gender roles (amazingly enough still has a lot to do with chihuahua breeders).  So buckle up you based cucks because we're telling it like it is from the point of view of the most discriminated against group of people known to man, middle aged cis-gendered caucasians.   Download

Ep 253 - Ayo Bruh

 Join Jim, Matt, and Shannon for an introspective journey into the fragility of modern mans plight and how modernity has grafted itself onto the very fabric of our metaphysical selves.   Or a bunch of talking over each other and fart jokes.  Honestly would you want that kind of whining from such privileged cis gendered middle aged feel good junkies?  I thought not, anyway the podcast is here, so here it is. Download

Ep 252 - This Is Fine

Join Jim, Matt, and Shannon for the most riveting hour of entertainment that can be offered by three developmentally arrested individuals that have never scored above 80 on an online I.Q. test.  So suffice to say if you are looking for a deep and introspective look at what is happening in the failed state this week, this ain't it. Download

Ep 251 - Matt Has The Covids

On this episode of NSFWatercoolers Matt tells us about the ins and outs of getting tested for the novel corona virus.  Shannon spills the tea about her strange addiction and Jim talks about his new piss fetish all this, and just this, it's really all we had time for. Download